Not just famous. We're In-Famous!


I've got a number of very small posts about music and bands that I like. This is at Nik’s Music Almanac. My Culture page is where I post unedited rants and generally just geek out about music, books, TV, whatever.

Here is Nik's Pet Battles, an old-ish blog about pet battling in World of Warcraft. I still play WoW and still do pet battling, but not as much. And I don’t really blog about it.

I've also included a number of books that I've worked on. That number is currently two. This includes the prerelease book: Publishing Technical Documents with ePub. Which is a relatively short book about getting Math, and other technical writing content, into ePub files without too much pain.

I may be self-publishing it or just leaving it up on the web for now. No clues yet.

My old Tumblr blog is I don't know whether I'll post to it or not and look for new posts on the Culture page first.