Not just famous. We're In-Famous!


Dispatches from the Resistance is my new blog with links, tweets, rants, or whatever about all the political stuff going on right now. If you want to tell me how wonderful the Republican President is, well don’t bother.

I've got a number of very small posts about music and bands that I like. This is at Nik’s Music Almanac. My Culture page is where I post unedited rants and generally just geek out about music, books, TV, whatever.

Here is Nik's Pet Battles, an old-ish blog about pet battling in World of Warcraft. I still play WoW and still do pet battling, but not as much. And I don’t really blog about it.

I've also included a number of books that I've worked on. That number is currently two. This includes the prerelease book: Publishing Technical Documents with ePub. Which is a relatively short book about getting Math, and other technical writing content, into ePub files without too much pain.

I may be self-publishing it or just leaving it up on the web for now. No clues yet.

My old Tumblr blog is I don't know whether I'll post to it or not and look for new posts on the Culture page first.