Publishing Technical Documents with ePub

Prerelease Version


So we’ve covered how to use the ePub format to generate Technical Documents. Along the way, I’ve also put in some ideas on ways to help you get more out of this format. While I’m sure a number of corporations (like Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, even Apple) would love to move everyone into their own walled garden (and extract a little profit on the side). So far this hasn’t happened. And that’s a Good Thing™, as the open format of ePub combined with powerful open source tools can make your work alot more productive.

Even more than how to fix math or tables in your document, that’s something I hope you get out of this book: an open standard, like ePub, combined with knowledge of all the available tools, can empower your work. If you stick to only using the “safe,” Big-Software-Approved solutions, you are placing a real limit on what you can do.



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