Publishing Technical Documents with ePub

Prerelease Version

Sample Files

Robin Hood Samples

So I got bored and decided to roll my own version of Robin Hood using Project Gutenberg sources. I've included an annotated source code for both which may be helpful as well.

Differential Equations Samples

The ePub 2.x version is a direct output of a sample file for my EQ Writer 2 app which may interest 3 of you or so. I took that and converted it to full ePub 3.x using the same tools I mentioned in this book. This included using MathML Cloud to add alt text. Other than a deleted element causing a syntax error, it seemed to go okay.

Calculus MathML Samples

The ePub 2.x versions are also a direct output from EQ Writer 2. I did a convert to image pass for one of them and just a normal iBooks MathML for the other. I converted both to ePub 3.x in the same way as for the Differential Equations sample.



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