Gun Control Letter – Nov. 7

I’m putting this out here mainly because this issue has gotten to the point where it can’t be ignored. I don’t expect much from my current members of Congress.

I am writing today to talk about Gun Control. I have not written to you about ths issue before because I believed that this issue is mostly settled for the Republican party. They seem content to take the money from the Gun Lobby and do nothing to try to protect the innocent Americans killed by gun violence each year. Perhaps I have misjudged your feelings on this issue. In any case, the events of this past year, and especially the past month have demonstrated that inaction is no longer an option.

America needs more restrictions on these terrible weapons. We need more restrictions on who is allowed to purchase these weapons, and we need them now.

The majority of Americans do not own a single firearm. Fewer than 10% of us own the kinds of weapons that have been used in these recent attacks on our fellow Americans, and yet our laws have been written, and rewritten, to benefit the small minority who do own them. This can no longer stand.

A common claim made by those in that small minority is that their dangerous hobby is somehow protected by our Constitution. This is a claim that has never been supported by our courts, but it still persists. No other industry has been so successful at stealing our patriotism, our national symbols, and our founding documents to use as tools for their own marketing and propaganda purposes. I refuse to let these claims go unchallenged. I believe that protecting innocent Americans from murderers and their deadly weapons is an American value that is equal to any found in our Constitution, and I believe any restrictions you pass will hold up in court.

But even if the Gun Lobby is correct on every point, that is still no excuse for inaction from our lawmakers. Statehouses across this country pass laws restricting abortion every year inspite of decades of precedent from the highest courts in this country. This very month Congress has spent valuable legislative time trying to pass those same restrictions. Some of those supporters are people in your caucus and they consider it worth their time because they believe they are saving innocent lives.

And yet, when young American children are murdered in our churches and schools, the people running your caucus, the people you elected to leadership have chosen to do nothing. In fact, they are willing to spend more time on tax cuts for rich people, than on protecting the most vulnerable members of our society from violence. This is disgraceful.

We can no longer pretend that the blood of innocent Americans will wash off. These deaths are leaving a stain on our society that grows deeper every day. Inaction is no longer an option. We need restrictions on these terrible weapons. We need restrictions on who can own these weapons, and we need them today.