Join the Resistance!

The resistance wants you!

Now Recruiting!

So I’ve dusted off my old blog and I’m writing this nonsense. Because I have to I guess. I’m not the only one. Sullivan is starting something up again. People I’ve never heard of are following me on Twitter. Not because I’m any good, but because they’re looking for anyone else is still willing to face our new reality. No one wants to face this alone.

The good: our courts are still working. The ACLU has more money in this quarter than they usually get in 5-10 years. People are writing, calling, protesting, and making noise and making fun of these rotten people who managed to sneak into power.

The bad: The Republicans in Congress are still more afraid of their right flank than the majority of America (and the rest of the world). They’re still trying to pretend that this is all normal. They seem to believe that the group running the government are not incompetents who are only interested in furthering their own power and pushing America into a war against both the outside world and the non-white majority who call it home.

They are in denial and this is all going to get very ugly.